How to do a competitive analysis for local SEO

When it comes to local SEO, there’s a lot of noise.

From the latest industry buzz talk to the nuances of a specific website, a strategy to-do list can quickly become flooded with tasks that don’t consider the big picture.

However, none of these tasks matter if you ignore competitors. 

A competitive analysis for local SEO can uncover: 

  • Who is ranking at the top.
  • Why they achieved this ranking.
  • Where they’ve chosen to target their strategy.
  • What level of effort they’ve put into ranking.
  • When you might be able to outrank them.

If you understand the effort and approach used by those who rank well locally, then you can thrive in even the most competitive search environments. 

Determining your local competitors

Competitors in local SEO require a different approach than competitors in national markets.

In a national SEO campaign, competitors are usually targeting hundreds or thousands of keywords. At the local level, most competitors typically target something in the range of 20-100 keywords. 

Local SEO typically has fewer keywords because it is defined by its physical community. 

Local SEO is designed to support a network of small businesses, franchises and physical goods and services. Unlike national SEO, there is no SaaS or cloud-based architecture or leading national ecommerce website.

Local dealers, practitioners and businesses offer a service or item that customers will receive in their community. Products and services from these businesses are limited to the parameters of their local population. If a local business offers garage door repair, demand is limited to the number of people who need garage door repair in that community. 

Because local SEO is limited to a physical community, discovering competitors is straightforward. Identify 5-10 core keywords and see who ranks first.

However, competitive analysis for local SEO quickly becomes complicated when there is more than one location for the business. Each location poses unique challenges. 

Although local competitive analysis considers a smaller portion of keywords, the complexities of local search impact these keywords. 

3 steps to conducting a competitive analysis for local SEO

A competitive analysis for local SEO considers keyword search visibility in the context of three local ranking factors: 

  • Compare proximity.
  • Assess Google Business Profile (GBP) optimization.
  • Analyze on-page content.

1. Compare proximity

Are you located farther from the city center than your top competitors? Does this information about your location even matter? After all, it’s not like you can move locations for the sake of SEO. 

Understanding your location within the context of your competitor’s location is important because proximity might answer why they rank #1. 

In the image below, a search for “kansas city defense attorney,” a highly desirable keyword for defense attorneys in Kansas City, the #1 ranking is held by a law firm that is located .2 miles from the city center of Kansas City. The #2 ranking business is located 3.1 miles from the city center. 

A quick search for your top keyword can indicate whether proximity will impact your campaign. Review the distance between verified location

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Queen Elizabeth II Has Died. Her Web Legacy Will Stay On

The demise of Queen Elizabeth II was envisioned for years—and presaged by strong rumors on social media. It is fitting for a lady of her world stature and recognition that the on line discussion right now has been dominated by discussions of the queen.

For a 96-calendar year-aged symbolizing an establishment that dates again generations, the queen was far more tech-savvy than quite a few visualize. Defying stereotypes about females of her age, Elizabeth—through her handlers—was an enthusiastic adherent of engineering. She despatched her initially e-mail when going to the Royal Indicators and Radar Institution in Malvern, England, in 1976 as component of the early advancement of ARPANET, the precursor to today’s world world-wide-web.

The queen’s username? HME2: Her Majesty, Elizabeth II. “All she had to do was push a couple of buttons,” Peter Kirstein, the guy who served established up the queen’s email account back again then, told WIRED in 2012.

She wasn’t just an early adopter of e-mail. In 1997, she introduced the very first variation of the royal family’s internet site, many years just before some main British isles newspapers made a decision to go on-line. Ten years later, she launched the family’s YouTube channel with a unusual movie of the to start with televised Christmas Broadcast in 1957. She also sent her very first tweet in 2014, and she tapped on an iPad and embraced Zoom conferences as her health failed and Covid lockdowns curtailed several of her in-person community engagements.

“I believe the queen has been exceptionally savvy on the online,” stated Sadie Quinlan, a professional-royal YouTuber who posts underneath the name Yankee Wally. (Quinlan has been criticized for her anti-Meghan Markle commentary videos.) “I imagine she is familiar with what is heading on, and I know she is familiar with it’s fairly wild, and existence carries on on the world wide web far more so than authentic life.”

But in modern many years, the queen, whose motto by the royal loved ones was “never complain, under no circumstances demonstrate,” became a lot more than an early tech adopter. She became a meme, enthusiastically deployed by social media end users on the lookout to supply wry commentary on their peers. “The online enjoys a tiny previous girl staying quirky,” says Idil Galip, who scientific tests memes at the University of Edinburgh and operates the Meme Studies Investigate Community. That the queen had a enjoy of corgis, at 1 position proudly owning nine of them, also served endear her to the on-line masses. “I think her adore of animals has also been an critical part of why she has been memefied,” states Galip. “The world-wide-web also enjoys corgis, and so does the queen.”

The endless, listless everyday living of building openings and community functions also gave the queen lots of alternatives to grow to be a meme. From her enjoyment at looking at cows as element of her 90th birthday celebrations in 2016 to reducing a uncomplicated cake with a ceremonial sword

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