John Branca Harvard Interview on Media

In years past, the term “media” only encompassed a few things, such as television, radio, and print media. Now, the definition of media has expanded greatly, for better or worse, and many celebrities and entertainers find themselves struggling to keep up with the legality of it all. Having a top attorney on your side as you navigate your career in entertainment can help you stay out of legal trouble on various forms of media, or it can help you receive compensation when someone else is irresponsible with their media use in a way that negatively affects you. 

Entertainment Lawyers and Social Media

Social media has largely changed the way most of us interact with the world, and it often allows us to have a more personal connection with entertainers and creators that we admire. This can be amazing for both fans and entertainers, as they can interact in a meaningful way like never before. 

At the same time, social media has allowed people to spread false narratives and hateful messages like never before, which can harm an entertainer’s public image and negatively impact future career prospects. 

Entertainment lawyers can step in on an entertainer’s behalf if there is potential for a defamation case, where another person lies about their client with malicious intent. Or, they can help an entertainer who may have made a legal mistake while using social media. 

Entertainment Lawyers and Podcasts

Podcasts are also a newer form of media that have been around for less than two decades. Podcasts allow people to have short or long-form conversations, and many podcasts have taken the world by storm in recent years. 

Some podcasts are purely informational, delivering the latest news for various industries. Others are only for entertainment, supplying comedy or fictional stories to listeners. No matter which type of podcast a person has, they may need an entertainment lawyer if someone attempts to steal their intellectual property or if they are being sued for something they said about someone or something else. 

Entertainment Lawyers and Video Games

Video games have come a long way in the last few decades, offering more complexity and immersion than ever. That increased complexity often comes with more legal needs, such as software licensing, music licensing, and merchandising. It’s always a good idea for a game development team to have an entertainment lawyer on call. 

Entertainment lawyers may be able to handle media of the past, such as newspapers and radio broadcasts, but they can also assist an entertainer with legal issues that arise on newer forms of media like social media, podcasts, and videogames.

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