Reproductive health and fitness censorship monthly bill threatens the open up internet

Reproductive health and fitness censorship monthly bill threatens the open up internet

Immediately after the Supreme Court docket overturned Roe v. Wade final calendar year, purple states together with Texas enacted a wave of legislation barring reproductive health treatment access. Now, as the a single-year mark of the Supreme Court’s choice nears, Republican condition lawmakers are on the lookout to continue their crackdown on reproductive treatment, this time taking intention at on the net information and facts, speech and telemedicine.

The moment once more, the Lone Star Condition could make national headlines for its groundbreaking constraints on women’s reproductive health.

Texas’ legislation would drive platforms to proactively censor any speech about abortion obtain or mutual help cash in get to prevent legal responsibility. It would also involve Web providers to block sites that deliver facts about abortion accessibility anywhere in the U.S. and info on how to get abortion capsules by mail – which federal law still protects. 

And the bill doesn’t quit there. As published, HB 2690 could pressure services to censor direct messages involving people and caregivers on how to acquire safe and sound treatment. It could also force providers to block or censor telemedicine counseling companies in which clinical experts advise pregnant people on a range of reproductive overall health companies, together with lawful abortions.

Correctly, the monthly bill would retain tens of hundreds of thousands of Texans in the dark about dependable reproductive wellbeing details, building a vacuum to be stuffed by likely lifestyle-threatening misinformation. 

On the net lookups for data about abortion are most common in states with the strictest abortion laws, and buyers in these states have now develop into targets for misinformation on the problem. By banning and blocking web pages that immediate customers to actual help, Texas’ invoice would depart at the rear of a collection of misleading fakes, like anti-abortion being pregnant crisis centers that concentrate on men and women in need to have with phony clinics.

For the reason that the Web doesn’t end at condition traces, Texas’s HB 2690 would influence access to reproductive health and fitness facts for Us citizens throughout the country. Presented the technical and authorized burdens imposed by point out abortion bans, sites and Net companies might be forced to block reproductive health info nationwide, alternatively than state-by-state. 

If it were to move, the simple fact that HB 2690 will arrive at further than condition traces might ultimately guide the very same court that overturned Roe v. Wade to strike down Texas’ reproductive health and fitness censorship monthly bill. 

Reproductive health and fitness censorship monthly bill threatens the open up internet

The Initial Modification prohibits lawmakers from barring citizens of an additional state “from disseminating details about an exercise that is legal in that condition.” If a resident in Connecticut desires to weblog about how pregnant folks can accessibility reproductive care that is lawful in Connecticut and beneath federal legislation, the U.S. Structure prohibits Texas from halting them.

But Texans shouldn’t have to wait for the Supreme Courtroom to strike down legislation that was naturally unconstitutional in the first place. Lawmakers need to identify that an abortion-ban-on the web-censorship

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Call 911: The First Responders Park Bill Is Dying

Call 911: The First Responders Park Bill Is Dying

Rep. Amy Perruso says she won’t advance a bill to fund the state’s first responders campus amid questions about the project’s relevance.

When Hawaii Senate President Ron Kouchi introduced a measure to provide at least $100 million to build a campus for first responders on 243 acres of agriculture land in central Oahu, the Kauai senator hailed the controversial project as necessary for Oahu’s law enforcement and public safety workers.

“Many existing facilities are outdated and within the inundation zone, and agencies have outgrown their current footprint,” Kouchi’s measure said. “Some agencies lack permanent headquarters, training facilities, and storage space and require the use of leased facilities, which should be invested in permanent assets that are owned and controlled by the State.”

The venture had commitments from agencies including the Hawaii Department of Public Safety and support from Senate Ways and Means Chairman Donovan Dela Cruz, a longtime advocate for the Mililani complex, which would be in his district.

There was just one problem: the 2,000 plus-employee Honolulu Police Department testified it had no intention of being part of the campus.

Hawaii Technology Development Corp. First Responders Park
Proposed for prime agriculture land in central Oahu, the First Responders Technology Campus and Cybersecurity Data Center, pictured in an artist’s rendering, would include space for offices, warehouses, a hotel, workforce housing, a community center and an outdoor training area. (Hawaii Technology Development Corp.)

Now, despite support from Hawaii’s two most powerful senators, a project some critics deride as Hawaii’s equivalent of Atlanta’s controversial “Cop City” may have stalled.

Legislative Hurdles

The bill must pass out of the House Higher Education and Technology Committee by Friday to remain alive, and the committee chair has vowed not to let that happen.

Rep. Amy Perruso cited the fact that the police have no plans to use the facility as part of her decision.

Perruso, who is Dela Cruz’s House counterpart representing Oahu’s historically agricultural region, also cited costs. Infrastructure alone for the park will cost the state $150 million, she said, which is three times the annual budget of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

“How could we even look at ourselves in the mirror if we did that,” she said. “It’s ludicrous.”

Rep. Amy Perruso questions whether the Hawaii Technology Development Corp., established to grow Hawaii’s tech business sector, is exceeding its statutory purpose by trying to build a campus and training center for people like firefighters and sheriffs. (David Croxford/Civil Beat/2023)

Kouchi didn’t respond to a request for comment. But Dela Cruz, who has advocated for the project for years, remains undeterred.

The bill’s death wouldn’t necessarily preclude funding. If Perruso fulfills her promise, money for the project could be put into the state budget, said Len Higashi, executive director of the Hawaii Technology Development Corp., a state agency spearheading the project.

‘Strategic For The Whole State’

In an interview, Dela Cruz shrugged off the fact that the Honolulu Police Department doesn’t want to move into the campus. Dela Cruz noted that other agencies have committed to use the campus

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How to reduced your World wide web service bill

How to reduced your World wide web service bill

You know the state of affairs currently.  You open the cable or cellphone bill to see the extensive list of costs and what ever surprise cost raise that may possibly or could not have been tacked on this month.

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Despite examining the approaches you can preserve funds by leaving your cable organization in the dust, maybe you really don’t have the bandwidth to determine out the expense-advantage examination and subscribe to several streaming solutions.

What is a modem and router, and why do you want both of those?


Modems deliver identical and distinctive features than routers, which is why most buyers order both of those.  Most cable businesses and web suppliers present connections from their networks to your home as a result of a modem.

For illustration, if you are shelling out for internet by way of a cable corporation, you are connecting the cable specifically to a modem and then connecting your products this kind of as pcs and laptops through ethernet cables to the modem.


Routers are usually bought separately since they are not definitely essential for finding world-wide-web. You, nevertheless, do need to connect the modem to a router to make the most of additional ports than a modem could possibly allow, and much more importantly, routers enable Wi-Fi technology.

The router connects to the modem by way of ethernet, and you can then join your Wi-Fi devices such as cell phones and tablets to the online devoid of obtaining to join them to the modem by using ethernet cable.

There is a more in-depth exploration of the professionals and disadvantages of obtaining mixture modem-routers beneath.

The router connects to the modem via ethernet, and you can then connect your Wi-Fi devices such as mobile phones and tablets to the internet without having to connect them to the modem via ethernet cable.

The router connects to the modem via ethernet, and you can then connect your Wi-Fi products these types of as mobile phones and tablets to the net without the need of getting to hook up them to the modem by using ethernet cable.

Cease renting a significant-speed modem

A uncomplicated, normally overlooked way to lessen your online bill can be as easy as purchasing your have products. In accordance to New America’s (a think tank) analysis, most Individuals in 2020 were paying out an common of up to $10 or far more to hire a modem from their web provider.

Though not all vendors will let you to obtain and use your personal products, some do. Purchasing your own modem and WIFI router can not only support you conserve money in the long operate and also advantage you in various of ways.

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Why acquire your modem and router?

Clearly, it is much easier to have the cable company technician present up to your residence with all the equipment to get you on line.  Getting the further stage to come across out if you can purchase and use your own may well just be worthy

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FIRST READING: Liberals’ latest ‘censor the internet’ bill sparks Canadian YouTuber backlash

FIRST READING: Liberals’ latest ‘censor the internet’ bill sparks Canadian YouTuber backlash

Bill would force independent streamers (some of whom are among world’s visible Canadians) to register with CRTC or risk suppression

Article content

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As the federal government pushes to exert unprecedented control over the internet, YouTubers are warning that it could singlehandedly demolish one of the world’s richest sources of Canadian content.

Bill C-11 — a reboot of a prior Liberal attempt to submit the internet to CRTC control — would force online streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and even TikTok to alter their algorithms so that CRTC-approved “Canadian content” is disproportionately pushed on viewers.

Or, as the bill puts it, “online undertakings shall clearly promote and recommend Canadian programming … and ensure that any means of control of the programming generates results allowing its discovery.”

The problem for Canadian YouTubers — many of whom rank as some of the platform’s most successful creators — is that officially qualifying for government-certified “Canadian content” status requires wading through a thicket of CRTC red tape.

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Under the current CanCon regulations observed by Canadian legacy media, programs must provide proof of Canadian citizenship for a minimum number of the cast and crew. Detailed budgets must also be submitted ensuring that 75 per cent of production expenses are from “Canadians or Canadian companies.”

Any streamer who fails to do this could see their content artificially hidden by CRTC mandate.

Most Canadian YouTubers shudder at the thought that this could be our fate,” Canadian YouTuber J.J. McCullough said in recent testimony before a House of Commons committee.

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With 769,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, McCullough regularly boasts view counts that are exponentially higher than even the highest-rated CBC programs. But he told the Committee that he still ranks only among the “mid-level” of Canadian YouTubers.

The tremendous success and even worldwide fame of many Canadian YouTubers in the absence of government regulation should invite questions about the necessity of Bill C-11,” said McCullough.

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