How To Have a Successful Restaurant Opening in Texas

Texas is a food heaven for critics and appreciators alike. Between the foodie hot spots of Austin, Houston, Dallas, and many others, this state has some of the best restaurants in the world. It’s no wonder new food establishments seem to be popping up every week.

Whether you have dreams of converting an old trailer into a food truck or creating a 5-star fine dining experience, opening a restaurant is no small feat. With the right amount of planning, organization, and preparation, you can successfully avoid some of the stress that accompanies the weeks leading up to your grand opening. Here are 4 avoidable mistakes made by first-time restaurant owners.

Not Having the Proper Licenses

While you’re in the midst of recipe testing, menu creation, hiring staff, and remodeling the space, it’s easy to forget to apply for restaurant licenses and permits. Without the proper licenses, restaurant owners may find themselves facing a hefty fine. By doing research ahead of time on documentation like a Texas alcohol permit, business license, and Employer Identification Number, you can avoid major roadblocks like fees and waiting periods.

A Large Menu

Creating the menu is one of the most exciting tasks for restaurant owners and staff ahead of opening. However, it’s easy to get carried away when deciding what your patrons will want to eat. The more long and complicated your menu is, the more chaotic your dinner rushes will be. By minimizing the number of items on your menu, you will avoid additional ingredient costs and overwhelmed customers. After all, time is money– the more time customers take reading the menu and deciding what they want, the fewer profits you come home with at the end of the night.

Untrained Staff

Restaurant staff members are the backbone of a successful night of service. Having improperly trained staff members may lead to avoidable mistakes and unhappy customers. Crosstraining staff members is a great way to ensure all your bases are covered. Additionally, making sure your restaurant staff is happy is the key to a profitable grand opening. Nobody likes a high turnover rate, so you should always make sure your staff is treated fairly, compensated well, and feels valued as employees.

Lack of Internet Presence

Social media is everything nowadays. For many restaurant-goers, their first impression of your restaurant will be made by your presence online. Having a consistent, positive, and well-regarded presence on sites like Facebook and Instagram can make or break a business. Planning out your social media strategy is the key to ensuring you have a following online, which will in turn drive business to your restaurant.…

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