Complete Top Stories Keyword Research Guide

Before you click out of this article thinking, “not another keyword research guide,” let me tell you something I’ve learned first-hand from working with national news publishers: Keyword research for publishers is entirely different.

The skills, processes, checklists, and tools you currently use won’t be as helpful in this niche.

Forget about presenting your list of keywords to an editorial team using the traditional keyword research method. Those keywords are already outdated!

Also, let me save you hours of time trawling through the thousands, if not millions, of keywords news sites naturally rank for.

SEO for news is different – and so is keyword research.

It’s about winning Top Stories optimization. This will get you the lion’s share of the daily search traffic for a news site.

The purpose of this guide is to equip you with a quick keyword research framework to teach to your journalists so they can win more of those Top Stories spots.

But first…

Why Is Keyword Research For News SEO Different?

Trending Topics

News websites require a different approach to keyword research than other types of websites.

They typically focus on timely, breaking stories that are often only relevant for a short period.

As a result, news sites need to quickly identify and rank for the keywords being searched for at any given moment (otherwise known as trending topic optimization).

Optimizing for trending topics requires a completely different approach to keyword research.

Traditional keyword research is generally based on 12 months of aggregated data, whereas news keyword research is predominately based on trending topics (which are topics that have not been searched before).


Most local and national news sites cover multiple topics. If a story is of public interest, you can expect a publisher to cover it.

For example, around Christmas, you would expect most news sites to provide tips on festive cooking or buyer guides.

You would also expect these publishers to cover stories that capture the public interest, such as COVID-19.

And just like seasonal events such as Christmas, or worldwide events such as a pandemic, these topics go in and out of the mainstream public interest.

The difference is data; When you are looking at query data for a news site, you have seasonality and trend factors to consider. These factors may also be the reason why your traffic is either up or down.

But there is another factor.


When a topic is trending or newsworthy, Google gives news sites preference for this query. This is known as “query deserves freshness” (QDF);

“THE QDF solution revolves around determining whether a topic is “hot.” If news sites or blog posts are actively writing about a topic, the model figures that it is one for which users are more likely to want current information.”

For this reason, news sites can jump in and out of the search engine results page (SERP) for any query.

An easy example to explain this is to compare two U.S. presidents, one past

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What it may look like and how to level up

People outside of the world of marketing rarely know what SEO is or what the initialism even stands for.

Within the industry, it’s a familiar term to all formidable marketers. Far less is SEO – search engine optimizationactually understood, though. 

First, it’s important to understand that, while SEO stands for search engine optimization, it is also often used interchangeably to describe the people who do SEO (a.k.a., SEO professionals). An SEO – or search engine optimizer – does SEO. SEOs do SEO.

To avoid any further confusion, we’ll refer to the people who do SEO as SEO professionals.

SEO professionals are a special breed of marketers from many walks of life.

But there are some characteristics and experiences many of us have in common that I will attempt to organize as some of the most useful and shared professional qualities possessed by SEO professionals.

I’ll also cover what the career path to becoming one may look like.

How do you start an SEO career?

Historically speaking, most SEO professionals didn’t plan on SEO as a career – at least until recently (starting in the late 1990s and early 2000s). That was because they couldn’t, really. 

Early in their educational journey, a marketer or digital marketer very rarely – if ever – declared, “I want to optimize websites and chase the Google algorithm for brands to revolutionize the way humans and businesses connect forever.”

The latter part of that dubious statement was probably similar to something many marketers-in-training did declare. 

But getting there through website and brand optimization to gain organic visibility on a search engine was not likely the vehicle they had in mind at the time for accomplishing it.

It’s also rare to meet multiple SEO professionals who’ve forged the same path to becoming one.

But there are certainly overlapping journeys, professions and experiences.

Some common previous areas of expertise for SEO professionals that commonly intersection include teaching, journalism, various math-focused professions and the obvious traditional marketing focuses.

But as the worldwide web evolved the way it has over the last 30 years, opportunities to help brands and people in new ways arose in the marketing realm. And some became more specialized – and lucrative – than ever.

Organic search, paid media and social media are all suitable channels for successful marketing strategies. And they indirectly or directly were created (or adapted to be used) for the growth, prominence, and usefulness of websites.

Today, as a result, high schoolers and college students are able to set their aims on a digital marketing gig specializing in SEO. This will continue to become more common as secondary-education institutions evolve with the world’s needs, job demand, and technology.

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Possible SEO career routes

Like most careers, there are multiple directions an SEO professional can take. 

It’s probably most likely to start at an agency, and that’s a wonderful place to kick off almost any career related to marketing (or design, account management, video

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SEO Tutorial For Beginners (7 Steps To Learn)

For many companies, their website can be their largest brand asset, which is why it needs to display authority, trust, and expertise.

Optimizing your website to meet customer needs and display these characteristics makes up the fundamental process of SEO.

However, before we dive into the nitty-gritty of SEO, I always recommend my clients perform a deep analysis of their client and consumer relationships.

My company does this in three ways:

  • Examine how and why individuals are discovering and considering our products/services.
  • Examine our customer’s online behaviors (e.g., search queries, questions, and attributions channels).
  • Examine our customer’s demographic and psychographic criteria (e.g., what are they like and what are they looking for).

Understanding and acting on this data will put you on the first step to performing a proper SEO campaign.

So without further ado, let’s define the process of SEO, what strategies to take, and how it can help your online presence.

SEO Fundamentals

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website to capture as much organic website traffic as possible via search engines and convert that traffic into measurable business outcomes.

Simply put, SEO is the process of trying to direct people to your website anytime they type in a search query into a search engine.

For example, if you type into Google [what is content marketing], there are about a million websites that have purposefully optimized a piece of content for that keyword phrase so that you click on their website.

Once you click on that website, you will browse around, familiarize yourself with their brand, and sign yourself up for their newsletter.

Simple enough, but SEO also involves a lot of jargon and nuanced strategies that can be difficult to understand at first. To make things easier, I decided to define a few terms that I may throw around in this tutorial.

Defining SEO Terms

Keywords: Keywords are the words that users plug into a search engine whenever they seek out information over the web.

Organic traffic: Organic traffic is any traffic that comes to your site over a search engine search, excluding those who click on PPC links.

SERP: Search engine results page.

PPC: Pay-per-click advertising is an advertising strategy to rank products or landing pages above the normal Google SERP results. These links will say “ad” next to them.

User intent: The intent of the keyword search (e.g., is the user asking a question or looking to buy a product).

Meta tags: Snippets of text designed to describe a webpage to a search engine. For example, the title of the page is contained in an HTML title tag attribute.

Ranking factors: Any algorithmic factor designed to influence a page’s ranking in a search engine for a particular keyword search.

Crawling: The ability of search engines to find web pages on your site.

Indexation: The ability of search engines to include your web pages in its web index.

Technical SEO: The backend

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SEOLEVELUP, LLC Modifications the Rulebook in Research Motor Optimization, Aids Innumerable Shoppers Uplift Their Organizations

SEOLEVELUP, LLC is a Chicago Web optimization business on a mission to empower its shoppers as a result of top quality high quality look for engine optimization services.

Lookup engine optimization or “SEO” is a prerequisite of any effective modern-day organization method. Aspiring business people, emerging manufacturers, and house names alike rely on it to set their corporations on the map, achieve a competitive edge and manage sustainable scaling as their companies embrace new customers, consumers, and accelerated advancement. 

SEOLEVELUP, LLC is a Chicago Search engine optimization agency founded to aid its consumers leverage the powers of subtle research motor optimization instruments and tactics to degree up their corporations.

What separates SEOLEVELUP, LLC from its peers is that this is an “all Web optimization corporation in Chicago”, giving a thorough catalog comprised of every search engine optimization services in the playbook. 

From web-site design and style & progress to graphic & logo design and style, animation, and web site-committed web hosting from look for engine optimization and social media marketing to look for engine advertising and marketing and spend-for every-click on promoting, SEOLEVELUP, LLC addresses all the bases. 

As the premier area Seo Chicago-based organization, SEOLEVELUP provides its customers with a wide range of bespoke services, including but not restricted to structured information administration, Google Web optimization entity stacking, GEO relevancy boosting, Search engine optimisation written content producing, page pace optimization, connection building, and more. 

Aside from look for engine optimization-relevant providers, SEOLEVELUP also provides a host of IT and software program growth deals, encompassing cellular app enhancement, cloud computing, and DevOps companies. 

Lookup motor optimization is SEOLEVELUP’s primary presenting all over which the remaining services are structured as supports. The company’s spokesperson imparted that Web optimization “is incredibly significant for every single small business due to the fact it delivers the visibility needed”, stating the subsequent:

“Eight-just one % of clients and ninety-four per cent of B2B purchasers will carry out lookups on the net in advance of they even make a obtain, so providers that never have a dominating on line presence will uncover by themselves slipping powering the levels of competition,” said SEOLEVELUP, LLC’s spokesperson. 

Some of the most skilled Chicago Website positioning consultants function for SEOLEVELUP, LLC their target is to aid every single client develop a small business method primarily based on their firm’s wants, aspirations, and probable. SEOLEVELUP delivers totally free Seo audits to qualified brand names, leaving no stone unturned whilst searching for possible gaps in their company ways and assisting them boost their strongest points. 

By producing a personalized Web optimization method and supporting it with SMM, SEM, PPC, and other products and services in its catalog, SEOLEVELUP provides predictable and dependable outcomes. In quite a few conditions, common Search engine optimization firms promise enhanced on the net visibility, existence, and get to but end up dropping hundreds or hundreds of opportunity leads by spam. The advanced, all-close to technique of SEOLEVELUP guarantees scalable development, primarily given that most businesses this

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What It Means For SEO

Google not only changes how it presents information to users and updates algorithms, but the way users search is also changing.

SEO best practices are changing every year, so it’s best to keep up with what it means to properly optimize a website today.

Signals Of Authenticity And Usefulness

Google has released five Product Review Updates since April 2021.

The associated guidelines that Google published for writing product reviews recommend specific on-page factors that must exist in order for the page to be ranked for product review-related search queries.

This is an extraordinary change in how sites are ranked. Google has redefined what it means for a webpage to be relevant for a search query.

The definition of relevance simply meant that a webpage has to be about what the user was searching for, in this case, product reviews.

Product reviews were commonly thought of as expressing an opinion about a product, comparing the features of the product to the cost, and expressing a judgment if something is worth purchasing or not.

But now, it’s not enough for a webpage to review a product. It must also be authentic and useful. That’s a big change in how sites are ranked.

Here are two product review Google ranking factors introduced in December 2021:

“…we are introducing two new best practices for product reviews, to take effect in a future update.

  • Provide evidence such as visuals, audio, or other links of your own experience with the product, to support your expertise and reinforce the authenticity of your review.
  • Consider including links to multiple sellers to give the reader the option to purchase from their merchant of choice, if it makes sense for your site.”

Google calls them “best practices” but also says they will “take effect,” which implies that it’s something in the algorithm that is looking for these two qualities.

The first signal is about the authenticity of the product review.

The second signal is specific to sites that don’t sell the reviewed products, and it’s about being useful to site visitors by giving them multiple stores to purchase a product.

Authenticity and usefulness as signals of relevance is a huge shift for SEO.

Search Is Increasingly About Context

Context is the setting in which something is said or done, which provides meaning to those actions or settings.

The context of a search can influence the search results.

What’s happening is that Google is redefining what it means to be relevant by understanding the user context.

When a user searches for [pizza], Google does not show recipes for pizza; it shows local pizza restaurants.

Google defines the meaning of the keyword phrase “pizza” according to the context of the user, which includes the geographic location of that user.

Another context that influences search results is current events, which can change the meaning of a search phrase. This is a part of what is known as the Freshness algorithm.

The Freshness algorithm takes into account time-based factors that can

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6 basic truths about Search engine marketing

Brands and Web optimization specialists ought to choose accountability for the performance of the web sites that they run and deal with.

Making use of these 6 Seo truths will enable you obtain next-stage web-site overall performance, according to Bruce Clay, the founder and president of electronic internet marketing optimization agency Bruce Clay Inc., who spoke at SMX State-of-the-art.

1. Web optimization requires to be a strategic initiative across the company

The whole business participates in Website positioning. It begins at the management amount – all people will have to comprehend that Website positioning is significant, dedicate to it and make it a priority. 

You can not just do your Search engine optimisation on Monday. One particular man or woman cannot randomly do Search engine marketing. It isn’t heading to do the job if you are not operating on Search engine marketing every single working day.

The group need to feel about Seo each individual time there’s a conference to examine shifting the site. Somebody in that area has to inquire, “How does this impression Seo?”

“How can we improve the over-all excellent and operation of our internet site so that it in fact generates targeted traffic or meets a KPI of the business enterprise? … If the dedication is to do Website positioning, and if you acquire into it being extensive-phrase, then Search engine marketing is a winning operation in just your small business,” Clay explained.

2. Web optimization should conquer the competitiveness, not the algorithm

We must realize how position algorithms do the job. But our career isn’t to beat the algorithm. Beating the algorithm is an insurmountable struggle.

Google would make thousands of changes to research each and every year. And just about every search phrase you are attempting to enhance for is effectively a new algorithm. 

Your occupation is to defeat the competitiveness

The best we can do is ascertain who ranks and figure out what they are performing. Are there any prevalent traits? Are there any widespread words and phrases and can we use them improved?

“The story I constantly inform is of two pals who go camping. They established up their tents. They get started a fire. They are cooking a food and alongside will come a bear. They acquire off managing down the route. The bear is chasing them. The man in entrance doesn’t need to be an Olympic runner. He just requires to be more quickly than his mate,” Clay stated.

Properly, Seo is a great deal the similar matter. You have competition. You have to be far better than them.

3. Search engine optimization accomplished suitable cares about articles architecture

Internet sites will have to be developed in a way so that research engines see you as a matter make any difference skilled. Publishing authoritative and dependable details will take a concentrated exertion.

Google prefers information that is presented in a distinct hierarchical construction. In other phrases, a drill down (e.g., a web site about electronics has cameras electronic

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