Ripley Substantial University college student earns web design diploma at only 15

Most individuals go to a web page anticipating it to work beautifully and give the info they are in search of. They want relieve of use and a quick reaction. Pretty number of contemplate the approach it normally takes to make that come about.

That is where by 16-yr-outdated Trey Greer techniques in.

Greer can structure internet websites and he now has a degree to verify that. At the age of 15, just a few days shy of his 16th birthday, he attained a Entrance End Net Development Tech Diploma through the West Virginia Coding Club and Treehouse, a nationally accredited accredited tech-ed company.

“Most people today are at least in their 20s just before they get a degree like this,” Greer mentioned. “I really desired to exam myself and shoot to get it before I was 16. I produced it just underneath the wire.”

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