Jeremy Franco: the 10 funniest things I have at any time viewed (on the net) | Comedy

To know what is funny on the internet, you have to BE amusing on the online – and, let’s be honest, I’m a hoot.

The net is a good deal various nowadays: a a few-minute YouTube online video of Potter Puppet Pals just doesn’t hit like it applied to. These days, to be funny on line, you have received to behave in a way that’s borderline insane. If you’ve not obtained crippling depression and severe anger difficulties, then why do you deserve my laughs? I want to see Pink Uncooked feelings and finish cluelessness. In any other case consider your jokes off the net and set them in e book or anything.

So shut your doorway and get all set for the snicker of your everyday living, cos I’m about to serve you something even much better than masala dosa with mango chutney. Here are the 10 funniest things that I (or everyone else for that make a difference) have ever observed on the online.

1. ‘Pooja, what is this conduct?’

The emotion. The general performance. The rawness. The vulnerability.


Let’s be straightforward, we’ve all had times exactly where nothing is likely as planned and you’re about eight seconds away from a comprehensive-fledged breakdown. That is why when Pooja Misra went on the Indian truth clearly show Bigg Manager and smashed a broom into the ground, it resonated with us for the reason that, let’s be real, who hasn’t needed to do that? (Brooms are highly-priced.)

The showdown amongst Pooja and Shonali Nagrani has been recreated and remixed for many years and many years considering that it very first aired. If this is not the best part of currently being Indian, I do not know what is.

2. Online jokes about Taylor Swift’s private jet

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The sustainability advertising and marketing business Garden put jointly a list of which famous people have used their non-public jets the most this year. Taylor Swift’s personal jet was ranked No 1, with a whopping 170 flights in the very last 6 months, some of which have been a mere 15 minutes long.

A spokesperson for Swift has denied that she was responsible for “most or all” of the trips, saying: “Taylor’s jet is loaned out frequently to other folks.” But the world wide web has long gone entire savage, pairing footage of random planes with T-Swizz undertaking the most menial jobs.

3. The point that H20: Just Add H2o is a issue outside of Australia

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Bridie Connell: the 10 funniest issues I have ever seen (on the world wide web) | Comedy

Ah, the world-wide-web. My dependable mate. I convert to it when I have to have to smile (cute pet videos), when I have to have to cry (war veterans currently being reunited with their young ones), and when I have to have to wipe out what’s still left of my self-esteem (Instagram). There are lots of arguments about why existence would be superior with no it, and actually? It most likely would be. But it also wouldn’t be as amusing. Here’s a bunch of matters from the earth large net that hardly ever are unsuccessful to make me chortle.

There is absolutely nothing I get pleasure from far more than persons striving to make the globe a greater position. Specially when they make the environment greater in a way they’d in no way supposed. I can just envision the discussions that took place in the drafting process for this marketing campaign:

“We need to have a catchy and educational marketing campaign to tackle the horrors of dependancy.”

“Yes, one that reveals we’re in this collectively, as a community.”

“One that does not stereotype addicts.”

“I’ve received it!”

The outcome is what I believe that they phone a “swing and a pass up.” A+ for work, although.

If there was an award for finest award acceptance speech, this would win. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is brilliantly funny (even though accepting an award for currently being brilliantly humorous) and she remains my hero.

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Here’s a single for my fellow theatre kids. This pitch best sketch is from comic and writer Jacob Kaplan. Does it make me giggle? Of course. Does it make me tense each individual single muscle in my overall body and keep my breath although I try out not to feel about the time that 14-calendar year-previous Bridie wrote a enjoy about the hazards of Consume-DRIVING and also Medicines, which inexplicably culminated in a peppy dance plan? … No remark.

Amber Ruffin is one particular of the most flexible and gifted comedians all-around. I adore a great deal of what she does, but this music is a particular favourite. Hilarious, a minimal creepy and downright catchy: a winning combo!

This sketch from the late 1990s sketch group Big Train continue to delights me. Short, sharp, silly. You should and thank you!

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Adrian Bliss, Licensed Internet Star™, is a go-to for creative sketches (and a seemingly unlimited supply of costumes). Numerous of his skits attribute historical people, like this a person about a Greek soldier

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Brendan Maclean: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet) | Comedy

From my humble beginnings performing twee ukulele covers on YouTube, all the way through to me getting pooped on for art in my music video House of Air, the world wide web (sometimes abbreviated to “www”) has been a tool to bypass the front door of the LAMESTREAM MEDIA so I can sell my music to gay people.

It’s a full-time job pretending to be interesting, but thankfully the net (not to be confused with the 1995 film starring Sandra Bullock) has a way of making genuinely funny sketches, tweets and videos find their way to me, the protagonist of everything.

1. @vinn_nayy: a pigeon at Pride

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Starting out with something gay for Pride month (technically it’s not Pride month in Australia, but whatever gets clicks), here is a pigeon at Pride.

2. Funny or Die: Lindsay Lohan’s eHarmony profile

I love Lindsay Lohan and I think this sketch just shows she’s in on every lame joke you could have possibly made about her. I remember this feeling like such a classy “fuck you” when it came out. Slay.

3. The Mr Weebl song Magical Trevor

This song is why I got into music. So here it is on loop for 10 hours, as it was designed to be heard.

4. The Gay & Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo: ‘Sometimes things that are more expensive are worse’

Brian Jordan Alvarez sets up the iconic Freckle (Jason Greene) for one of the most powerful phrases ever uttered online. The whole sketch is all killer, no filler.

5. Baited: Ziwe interviews Caroline Calloway

I could put the whole Ziwe series up here, but since we are in Onlineland, let’s take it back to her breakthrough series, Baited. It marked the rebirth of cringe comedy; Caroline Calloway is eventually texted in real time by her manager, who begs her to end the interview.

6. No To Feminism

i don’t need fimsnse because women don’t know anything about cars just this morning i tried to get inside a potato and drive it to work

— WomanAgainstFeminism (@NoToFeminism) August 30, 2014

Created by TV and Twitter Writing Lesbian Bec Shaw, the @NoToFeminism Twitter account put up some of the silliest combinations of words I’ve ever read on the daily. But no matter how absurd some of these tweets were, they would still attract a conservative audience who somehow genuinely believed it was true. Even when it was about women driving potatoes to work.

7. Cole Escola: boring banter from relatives at Christmas

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Escola is my favourite

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