Building Better Workspaces

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Whatever work it is you do, you need a good space to do it in. Whether it’s the workshop where you build cabinets, the office where you plan your organization or the craft room where you keep your next project, everyone has a space where they work and a job to do. Optimizing that space takes some creativity; here are just a few ideas for how to make your work space work for you. 


The best workspaces are flexible enough to accommodate multiple projects and adjust to different stages of the same project. For example, if you do carpentry and construction, it’s a good idea to put your workspace or table saw on heavy duty caster wheels so you can move it around as needed and get it out of the way when you don’t need it. This is even more important if you share your workspace, either with other people who are also working or even with your family or roommates. If your office is in a corner of the living room, then it needs to be more flexible. 


You also want to make sure that your workspace has sufficient storage. If you don’t have a place for everything and not everything is in its place, you will have a hard time keeping yourself and your time organized. Projects will get away from you and important tools will go missing. A space that doesn’t have sufficient storage is not a very functional workspace. 


The whole point of a work space is to be functional. No matter what kind of work you do, you need the space to help you get that work done instead of hindering you. Flexibility and storage are an important part of that, but privacy, light control and flow may also play an important role, depending on the kind of work you are doing. If your workspace is for editing your film projects, you will need quiet and good screens and a comfortable place to sit. If your work is culinary, then you will need plenty of storage, plenty of flat workspace and a careful attention to the flow of the room as you move from appliance to appliance.

What makes a space truly functional depends largely on the function it serves, but there are some things that are universal, like storage and flexibility. You spend a pretty significant portion of your life hard at work. It only makes sense to ensure that your working spaces work well. 

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