Robert Pattinson’s latest fashion serve challenges gender stereotypes and the internet is divided

Robert Pattinson in a leather jacket on the red carpet

Robert Pattinson is no stranger to polarizing his fanbase and his latest public appearance is causing strife in red and blue states alike.

For years, the actor was caught in the contentious debate of whether his brooding vampire character of Edward in the Twilight series was more desirable over Taylor Lautner’s ab-tastic werewolf Jacob. In certain instances, the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate ended friendships, destroyed holidays, and nearly ruined all of Kristen Stewart’s likeability.

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On Friday, the online furor surrounding Pattinson found a new victim–his fashion swagger.

While in recent years the British-born star traded Edward’s alternative flannels for The Batman’s gothy black suits, Pattinson’s latest style makeover was devoid of anything drab or sinister and downright fashion-forward.

Channeling his inner supermodel, Pattinson turned up to Dior’s Fall/Winter 2023 menswear show challenging gender stereotypes by rocking a glittery navy kilt skirt, brown fur jacket, knee-high stockings and black boots. Your turn, Team Jacob!

The 36-year-old also took to the show’s runway as he proudly sashayed down the catwalk hand-in-hand with Dior’s creative director Kim Jones and “Game of Thrones” star Gwendolyn Christie. A new “Trinity” is born!

While queer celebs like Billy Porter, Lil Nas X and Jonathan Van Ness have been pushing sartorial boundaries for years, Pattinson is the latest heterosexual male star to embrace the skirt aesthetic. Brad Pitt, Harry Styles, and Pete Davidson are just a few others who have recently said yes to the dress.

As expected, reactions to Pattinson’s androgynous fit came fast and strong.

The internet appeared evenly divided as many christened him fashion’s latest It boy, as others were ready to nail him to a cross for daring to step outside society’s rigid style norms.

The critiques left little room for rebuttal:


Whether you give Pattinson’s fashion risk two snaps up or two thumbs down, take a gander at some of his less “controversial” lewks:

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