What will Phones look like in the Future? Latest Phone Tech

There has been massive improvement and innovation in the mobile phone industry over the last decade, this has been largely unprecedented. The design of phones we see today are sleek and elegant. From the trends of the 2010s to 2019, the type of smartphones churned out by big tech phone manufacturers have constantly been a sensation. But the next decade of phones promises even more surprises as there are rumours peddled around about foldable phones to USB ports and 6G! Yes, you heard correctly 6G. There have been talks about the evolution of smartphones from what we presently know. We might not know how they would look like but we are rest assured that the technology will be novel and the improvement we have noticed over the last few years would continue. There are a ton of companies putting mobile phones from different manufacturers on sale and offering incredible deals, one of such companies is Smarty Mobile. Smarty Mobile reviews could provide one looking for information on the next generation of the phone with useful information. It would be interesting to envisage how the next generation of phones would look like and what functionalities and features they would possess.

Next-generation of phones

Reading mobile phone companies reviews is a good place to start if you’re a future phone tech enthusiast, as mobile phone manufacturers put out information on the next tech they may be venturing into. So, if next-generation phone tech interests you then you’ve got to keep reading.

Foldable phones

Foldable phones came into the limelight in 2019, with devices such as Samsung Galaxy Fold and Motorola Razr 2019, were released all in 2019. The hype about foldable phones is becoming increasingly popular by the day as more companies are hoping to release new models of the foldable version. Whether customers may like them would tell in the coming years, but like with every other tech, more people will embrace them as time passes. The foldable technology will even become better with more exclusive designs on the horizon. Currently, those foldable phones are really expensive and it would take time developing phones to fit that form factor. Whether foldable phones would be reasonably priced is yet to be known but it would be a cool technology that offers people more for their money

5G and 6G

5G has already been launched in several countries around the globe, but it has been taking longer for people to be onboarded on the 5G experience due to the technicalities involved in the use of the 5G network. There are claims that the 5G technology is 100 times faster than the 4G network. The coming years will, however, surely see the use of 5G phones and a decline of the 4G. The more people need high-speed phones the more the demand for 5G phones. There have already been mentions about the 6G network, as China has already been running some tests on the 6G network but this might not go into production until after a few years, maybe ten, we can’t say for sure.

Front-facing cameras

Yes! The front-facing camera is gradually becoming a thing, with phones such as the iPhone with a big notch or teardrop notch like many Samsung phones, most mobile phone companies are gradually embracing front-facing cameras. Whether we would see the influx of these types of phones is left to be determined. Mobile phones like Oppo have since been showing off this tech and rumours have it that other companies are also working on it. The front-facing camera trend is expected to expand and receive wide adoption.


We might just be saying goodbye to USB ports. Many phones are gradually dropping the 3.5mm headphone jack already. Phone users are gradually porting to wireless headphones. With several advances in Bluetooth technology, it would be surprising to still find people using wire headphones in the next ten years. Wireless chargers are becoming increasingly popular by the day, and more particularly they are faster at powering up one’s device. Future generations are sure going to see the disappearance of wire chargers, therefore making the USB ports redundant. In the next few years, port fewer phones will be the norm.

More rear cameras

We are sure going to see phones too with more rear cameras that there presently is. With phones having 4 to 5 rear cameras, the future of more rear cameras is still up for debate as most people still prefer phones with a less rear camera. The scientist has estimated that the human eye sees roughly 576MP, and currently, the smartphone with the most MP is built to use 108MP. But the next few years might see smartphone companies producing phones which have cameras with 576MP. Let’s see how well that pans out.

The future of mobile phones would be incredibly astonishing as the level of current innovation keeps improving massively. One cannot but wonder what the future truly holds.

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