ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, Or Claude: Generative AI Chatbot Comparison

With the rapid onset of generative AI chatbots, you may wonder which is best for your needs.

With the recent release of Google Bard, we decided to test it against ChatGPT, Bing, and Claude to see responses for prompts on search engine optimization, website coding, content generation, productivity tools, news, and social media.

Specifically, we used the following versions of each AI chatbot for the upcoming examples.

  • ChatGPT from OpenAI using GPT-4 with a plus subscription at $20 monthly.
  • Bing AI, powered by GPT-4, in the Microsoft Edge Dev desktop browser.
  • The first/experimental release of Google Bard in the Google Chrome desktop browser.
  • Claude+, the ethical rival of ChatGPT, on Poe in a desktop browser with a premium subscription at $20 monthly.

Now, let’s look at some prompts marketers might use and the responses they could receive from each of these chatbots to see which one is best.

Prompt #1: “What Is SEO?”

The first prompt is a simple question – what is SEO? You might receive the following responses from ChatGPT, Bing (More Balanced), Bard, and Claude+.

ChatGPT purely defined SEO – search engine optimization – followed by its purpose and key aspects of the process. No sources were provided, as it uses training data from articles, blog posts, books, and websites from September 2021 or earlier.

ChatGPT response to prompt: what is seoScreenshot from ChatGPT, March 2023

Bing AI chat provided a shorter answer with several sources and three additional prompt suggestions to learn more about SEO.

Bing AI response to prompt: what is seoScreenshot from Bing, March 2023

Google Bard gave us three answers to choose from using the drafts dropdown. The first answer did not provide sources. The second (shown below) and third answers were based on different sources.

Google Bard response to prompt: what is seoScreenshot from Bard, March 2023

Claude+ offered a detailed answer with what appeared to be internal links.

Claude+ response to prompt: what is seoScreenshot from Poe, March 2023

When you click on one of the links, it prompts Claude to give you another answer.

Claude+ response to prompt: what is seoScreenshot from Poe, March 2023

Prompt #2: “How Can I Get High-Quality Backlinks For My Website?”

Next, we asked how to get high-quality backlinks for a website.

ChatGPT listed link-building techniques that were heavily promoted in 2021.

ChatGPT response to prompt: how to get high quality backlinksScreenshot from ChatGPT, March 2023

Bing AI offered five suggestions with sources, such as using tools like Ahrefs and Semrush to research competitors’ backlinks.

Bing AI response to prompt: how to get high quality backlinksScreenshot from Bing, March 2023

Google Bard gave three distinct answers to the question but no sources. Included in Bard’s suggestions were blog commenting, forum posts, and directory submissions, as shown in this third draft.

google bard on high quality linksScreenshot from Bard, March 2023

Claude+ offered many suggestions, including private blog networks and Yahoo Answers, which no longer exist.

poe claude high quality backlinksScreenshot from Poe, March 2023
poe claude high quality backlinksScreenshot from Poe, March 2023

Prompt #3: “Can You Give Me The HTML To Create A One-Page Portfolio Website?”

Can generative AI chatbots code a simple website?

ChatGPT provided HTML and CSS that could be copied and pasted.

chatgpt website code html cssScreenshot from ChatGPT, March 2023

Using W3Schools TryIt Editor, we proved the code does create a functional webpage.

chatgpt website code test Screenshot from W3Schools, March
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Bing Announces All In A single Search engine marketing And IndexNow Integration

Bing announces the All In A person Web optimization Plugin for WordPress supports the IndexNow protocol, which right away informs look for engines of material adjustments.

A single of the biggest problems with Search engine optimisation is the time it will take lookup engines like Google and Bing to find the variations on your web site and change rankings and indexing accordingly.

A lot of web page homeowners wait months or months before realizing the research engines identified their modifications.

By then, the site created more variations that have not been regarded and indexed. It typically qualified prospects to irritation for both equally digital marketing and advertising companies and Web optimization administrators.

The integration makes it possible for a web page to lower that time from weeks to several hours.

All In One particular Search engine optimisation WordPress Plugin

The All In One Seo WordPress plugin has extra than two million buyers and is one particular of the most well-known Search engine marketing plugins obtainable. A person of its most important positive aspects is offering a single plugin for numerous steps that at the time expected multiple kinds. Attributes incorporate:

  • On-site assessment where by you quickly incorporate metadata, search phrases, and other info.
  • The use of schema markup to deliver context to Google bots crawling a site. Schema lets the bots know what information and facts they are seeing and assists with currently being provided in prosperous snippets this kind of as information graphs and Q & As.
  • A nearby Search engine marketing package deal for enhanced rankings in local searches for corporations operating inside of a certain radius.
  • Sitemaps for videos for far better inclusion in Google movie lookup.

What is IndexNow?

IndexNow lets sites notify search engines these kinds of as Bing, Google, and Yandex of changes produced to a website. For example, if a site generates a blog, deletes web pages, or masses hundreds of product or service URLs, then it submits HTTP requests.

It pings the look for engines to enable them know the web page is altered and necessitates new indexing and rating. Look for bots only from time to time crawl sites on the lookout for new and modified material. Right until they do, the index for the internet site won’t alter.

IndexNow is a greatly supported protocol that tells the lookup engine to prioritize the web page for crawling.

Integration Usually means A lot quicker Indexing

The lifeblood of a web site is proper indexing and position in search engines, but waiting around months or more time for a world wide web crawl is disheartening. Integration amongst All In Just one Search engine marketing and IndexNow implies lengthy waits are about.

It implies faster conversions, objective accomplishment, and shopper engagement on WordPress web sites. Bing is the second greatest lookup motor next Google.

How AIOSEO Will help Buyers Get Edge of IndexNow

To activate and use IndexNow with AIOSEO, people can head more than to the Characteristic Supervisor tab in the AIOSEO

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Lookup Motor Optimization Suggestions for Bing

When Google is thought of the research motor king, there are other avenues that can bring in visitors’ eyes to your information. A single of those people is Microsoft’s research engine, Bing, and right now we will share a number of look for engine optimization (Search engine optimisation) procedures that can support you reach the major of its research engine success webpages (SERPs).

Why Ought to I Emphasis On Search engine marketing For Bing?

If you require some convincing to invest time and exertion into optimizing for Bing, in this article is the first explanation: Bing is however related. According to NetMarketShare, Google controls 82 % of the look for motor current market share on desktops, laptops, cell, and tablets. Who is in 3rd? Bing, with 6 percent. But when it comes to market share for just desktops and laptops, Bing additional than doubles to 13 p.c, propelling it into second put amid research engines behind Google.

Case in point of BING Lookup Motor Final results Website page

Other than its expanding relevance, specifically for desktop and notebook people, in this article is yet another reason to do Search engine optimisation for Bing: It has special viewers. Not anyone is a Google supporter, and depending on your specialized niche, you could strike gold by concentrating on Bing. For instance, if your model discounts in business enterprise and finance, you will be happy to know that 72 % of Bing searches on these topics come from website visitors that do not use other look for engines.

Other advantages of Search engine optimization for Bing involve the truth that it has a reduced bounce price than Google, plus its customers tend to watch more internet pages. Bing is a lot less severe than Google when it arrives to Search engine marketing, as they do not punish about-optimized webpages to the exact extent. Some say its picture research operation is far better than Google, so if you have lots of illustrations or photos on your site, this could give you an edge by way of right impression Search engine optimization.

Bing is also the default lookup engine for well-known applications like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s entire line of solutions. Its compensated promotion is less expensive than Google. And finally, you could acquire a competitive edge above other people in your sector who dismiss Bing entirely if you place some of your endeavours into optimization there.

Study: Finest No cost Instruments for Search engine marketing Examination

Bing Search engine optimisation Tips

Now that you have lots of causes to exercise Seo for Bing, in this article are various approaches to assist you attain that aim.

Does Such as a Keyword in Your Area Aid?

Since its inception, rumors have said that you can get a wonderful Search engine marketing boost from Bing by just getting a key phrase in your domain identify. Some say this is a myth, but Search engine optimization icon Neil Patel says there is validity to the assert. Whatsoever the

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5 Large Methods Bing Website positioning Differs From Optimizing For Google

If Bing is taken care of as a punchline in your digital advertising circles, you may perhaps be lacking out on your business’s finest untapped option.

Some are inclined to overlook that search engines other than Google exist, but Bing can be a terrific position to attain visibility on the internet.

Bing and Yahoo (which has been powered by Bing considering that 2010) together dominate 9.97% of the desktop research motor current market share in the U.S.

And, much more importantly, several marketers have famous that Bing targeted visitors converts greater than Google targeted visitors.

This might have anything to do with Bing’s typical demographic being a lot more mature and arguably possessing more income to devote.

seo for bingScreenshot from:, November 2017.

Bing also partners with dozens of other search engines, which include Yahoo!, AOL, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, MSN, and Lycos.

In limited, if you’re not searching on Google, you are very likely working with a search encounter that’s partly driven by Bing.

This does not include voice look for (Alexa and Cortana the two use Bing) and the actuality that Bing is developed into most Microsoft items, like Microsoft Business office and the Xbox, possibly.

The very good information is that if you’ve currently invested in Google Search engine marketing, then you’re just a hop, skip, and a bounce away from seeing tangible success on other research engines, as perfectly. That is mainly because Bing and Google share numerous of the exact same position alerts.

Even so, there are essential variances concerning Web optimization for Google and Bing – and you are heading to understand about those people in this article.

1. Search phrases

Although Bing declared in 2014 that they no longer take into consideration meta keywords and phrases for rating purposes, lookup engines like Yandex and Baidu nevertheless do.

Google has labored to improve look for accuracy by understanding searcher intent and decoding contextual cues from different internet sites.

We get in touch with this semantic search, which in portion depends on machine discovering and synthetic intelligence (this kind of as RankBrain) to aid them understand a page’s articles.

Google has mentioned that RankBrain is the 3rd most significant component in its position algorithm. This means that exact match search phrases never issue almost as substantially as creating detailed topical web pages and content for your site visitors.

Bing has been catching up when it comes to broad-matching search phrases.

Their Webmaster Pointers suggest you to “Develop wealthy material primarily based on keyword investigate that reveals what lookup consumers the information they are wanting for.”

Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines are express about how Keywords can aid you rank. Bing won’t rule out the probability of making use of the meta search phrases tag (which Google ignores).

Now, this doesn’t give you an excuse to abuse them or to start stuffing irrelevant search phrases into the meta tag. But it does indicate you should not neglect them solely.

Bing also has a ton of keyword equipment to help Search

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