7 reasons why people believe SEO myths

SEO myths vs facts

Some days in the world of SEO, it feels like “Groundhog Day” – the classic 1993 movie where Phil Conners (played by Bill Murray) repeats the same day over and over. 

But instead of the day repeating, one question gets asked over and over and over. It usually goes something like this: what are some common SEO myths you always hear that need to be debunked?

The topic of SEO myths and conspiracy theories is popular. We recently featured an article on myths (​​11 conspiracy theories about search, Google and Big Tech) here on Search Engine Land and have published several others in past years. So we won’t go into any actual myths or debunking here.

The bigger question is: why does your boss (and/or your co-workers and/or your team) keep asking you about these SEO myths? Or how did your client hear about some random, long-ago debunked tactic? Shouldn’t they know better?

Well, no. Not always. 

Part of your job is to understand and educate them about how search actually works – why E-A-T isn’t a ranking factor, why Domain Authority isn’t a metric Google uses or why LSI keywords are a ridiculous concept.

Read on to learn about the top reasons people believe SEO myths and how some SEO practitioners deal with them.

1. Repetition

SEO myths sound believable when repeated enough times. Misinformation tends to spread in our industry. It’s shared in conference presentations, in blog posts, on social media, on podcasts and elsewhere. Before you know it, you’ve got a myth (or a new SEO boogeyman). 

So if you find yourself in this situation, what should you do? 

Holly Miller Anderson, lead SEO product manager, North America, at Under Armour, put it this way: “Educate. Don’t argue.”

“One of the best things SEO leads can do is to be as proactive as possible about educating your org and leadership team against SEO myths,” Anderson said. “Host talks as often as possible (i.e. lunch and learn style) about SEO myths and invite people to come in and hear some of the myths, share the ones they’ve heard, and provide different resources and proof.”

This creates a safer space for people to voice their opinion or understanding about SEO without being viewed as stupid, Anderson added. It also gives the SEO lead a forum to address myths in a non-threatening way.

2. Myths typically are the “easy answer”

SEO is “free traffic.” At least, that’s how many clients view it. At times, SEO is oversimplified, to the point where clients think all you have to do is x, y and z and then sit back and wait for all the rankings, traffic, conversions and revenue.

Well, often the “too good to be true” answers turn out to be just SEO basics. Table stakes. Everybody is optimizing their meta tags, answering questions, making mobile-friendly sites and trying to create “great” content. 

Sometimes, even worse, these “easy answers” could actually be tactics that could inflict harm

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10 good reasons you should really regard Google Web optimization

We’ve all read the time period Website positioning or Lookup Engine Optimization, but it’s challenging adequate to get your on the net existence in buy with out diving into that deep finish of the pool. It’s essential even though, because Google SEO might be the change concerning staying detailed on web site 1 of a look for, or buried where no a single will at any time discover you. 

A visitor submit by Bobby Owsinski of Audio 3..

If you will need some illustrations as to why you should spend extra notice to Google Search engine optimisation, Oberlo place collectively some info about the search motor that could open your eyes.

Rationale 1 – Google is the most frequented site on the planet. Just previous thirty day period by yourself it was visited above 89.3 billion (with a “B”) moments.

Cause 2 – Google dominates the lookup engine market place, with 91.9% marketplace share. You could like Bing or Duck Duck Go better, but Google is the place all the eyeballs are at.

Cause 3 – There are more than 8.5 billion queries every single single working day on Google. Which is additional than the complete inhabitants of our earth.

Motive 4 – Additional than 1 billion thoughts have been asked on Google Lens. What’s that, you may perhaps request? It’s really a look for engine within just a search motor. Lens uses synthetic intelligence to establish textual content and objects both of those inside images and in a stay check out from your phone’s digicam. It then lets you study about and interact with all those aspects in all kinds of fascinating ways.

Purpose 5 – 63% of all Google’s lookup website traffic originates on the telephone. Men and women want their data instantly and that is how the bulk of users get it. Is not that how they interact with you as nicely?

Motive 6 – The major problem what is the most searched query? It’s really hard to believe that, but the solution is Facebook. People toss stones at the support but they want to know a lot more about it.

Reason 7 – 84% of end users do a Google lookup at least 3 situations for each day. We clearly like to uncover points and the lookup engine places the info appropriate at our fingertips.

Cause 8 – 46% of all product queries start on Google. If you want to discover out more about a merchandise, you could go right to Amazon or the manufacturer’s web site, but pretty much 50 % the lookups start out on Google initially.

Reason 9 – 23% of all web-site visits occur organically. Organic and natural suggests search success that are unpaid that occur up as portion of some thing else you were being browsing for. This is a large reason to pay back interest to Web optimization.

Rationale 10 – This might be the most essential of them all. 90% of people simply click a hyperlink only from

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