7 Powerful On-Page SEO Tips For Small Teams In 2023

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High-quality media is a major component of your on-page SEO strategy.

When you’re a small or medium business owner (SMB), the quality of your visual content can make a major difference in how your target audience perceives your products and services.

In 2023, high-quality images, graphics, and other next-generation media are the on-page SEO keys to helping you:

  • Improve search engine results page (SERP) rankings.
  • Rank for competitive keywords in short-form video SERPs.
  • Build organic backlinks.

To make these marketing goals possible, the two easiest things you can do for your SEO strategy right now are:

  1. Step away from using stock images in blog articles and social media posts. Focus on creating or generating unique images for your site.
  2. Double down on implementing SEO best practices to help your content get seen.

Let’s discover how the right media backed by a strong SEO strategy can help elevate your brand and maximize your ROI.

1. Create Content That Automatically Generates Backlink Opportunities

Backlinks are essential to helping search engines determine the quality of your website and where it should rank on SERPs.

High-quality backlinks can help you soar to the top of Google.

But before we uncover how small teams can build backlinks faster, let’s take a crash course on how backlinks can improve your SEO and help your business grow.

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How Backlinks Help Improve SEO & SERP Rankings

Backlinks are a vital part of your overall SEO strategy because of the role they play in your site’s discoverability.

They indicate your site’s popularity with users, and they signal to Google that your content is valuable and worth linking to.

Think of it as a vote of confidence; the more high-quality backlinks you have, the better your website performs on SERPs.

When it comes to link building, your goal is to have multiple trusted resources vouch for your website.

So, how do you easily convince reputable, related websites to link to yours?

How do you tell Google that your site is trustworthy?

By building backlinks.

If you’re a small team, it’s best to create content that builds links organically.

The Key To Building Organic Backlinks

To get the strongest backlinks, make sure you’re creating content that’s unique, up-to-date, and more accurate than your competitors.

Accurate, unique content is very valuable to high-reputation websites.

Backlinks make it easy to cite statistics, source claims, or even add context – so by providing relevant information within your niche, you’re establishing your site

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Three OSU teams win federal technology commercialization grants

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Media Contact:
Harrison Hill | Exploration Communications Professional | 405-744-5827 | [email protected]

Three research teams at Oklahoma State University have gained Nationwide Science Basis
Partnerships for Innovation Technological know-how Translation grants (NSF PFI-TT) — worth $250,000
every single. 

  • Dr. Kitty Cardwell, Dr. Andres Espindola and workforce — MiFi: Up coming-technology pathogen
    detection device
  • Dr. Stephanie Backlink — Dissemity: Research composing program
  • Dr. Raj Singh — Nanodiamond Method Technologies Development for Thermal Administration
    of Energy Electronics

Daniel Will, executive director for Cowboy Innovation’s Brightest Orange Ventures,
claimed the funding windfall is the consequence of researchers’ groundbreaking jobs and
the support of their schools and OSU’s Cowboy Improvements (CI).

“These grants are awarded for translational exploration and technological know-how growth,”
Will said. “Cowboy Improvements allows identify and use for professional grant funding
that matches OSU technologies at particular development levels. 

“These grants can occur from several places, these kinds of as the National Science Foundation’s
PFI grants, but may possibly also be the Oklahoma Centre for Progression of Science and Technology’s
or numerous federal companies.”

Russell Hopper, senior licensing affiliate for Cowboy Innovations, mentioned the CI group
exists “to help OSU innovators with any grant that entails intellectual house
security, marketing, and licensing.”

1 illustration is Cardwell’s NSF PFI-TT grant, which is going to a partnership involving
OSU College of California, Riverside and the Superb Fruit corporation — which
marketplaces Cuties manufacturer tangerines, amid other issues.

The crew is targeted on dashing up improvement and generation procedures for new citrus

“To move new citrus germplasm, i.e. new kinds, into the U.S., it has to go by
a long time of testing to prove independence from about 30 citrus diseases,” Cardwell mentioned. 

Their technological innovation — referred to as MiFi, quick for Microbe Finder — will do just that. 

“Wonderful Fruit would genuinely like for that method to be speedier and extra successful,”
Cardwell reported. “Oklahoma State and the Institute of Biosecurity and Microbial Forensics
have made a following-generation diagnostic engineering that will enable the Citrus
Clonal Safety System at UC Riverside to exam for all pathogens at once in the
exact citrus sample.”

This NSF grant will support creating and screening MiFi pathogen detection probes
for all of the citrus pathogens, Cardwell mentioned. 

“Cowboy Improvements, by its Brightest Orange Ventures, assisted MiFi with money
to develop the initially program as a service platform into a scalable, cloud-based alternative,
so that as the customer foundation grows, the system will, much too,” Cardwell reported. “The Cowboy
Improvements fellas helped as we produced the proposal with market assessment and budgeting.
They have also supported MiFi via mental home safety and advising.

“Additionally, the grant will allow for upgrades to the MiFi graphic user interface
that the scientists use to create and validate the MiFi pathogen-precise probes,
and payment for comprehensive-time professionals to do the growth at OSU and UC Riverside.”

The group also options to share this know-how with other citrus making nations around the world,
all of which have

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