Web Hosting Technology You Should Be Aware Of

Web Hosting Technology You Should Be Aware Of

With more people accessing the Internet, web hosting technology will become more important than ever. As of 2017, 59% of the world’s population is online, and that number is expected to rise to 75% by 2022. That’s a lot of people, and a lot of servers will be needed to host all those websites. By 2025, the market for web hosting will be worth $216 billion.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting technology provides a more flexible way to host websites. It allows you to pool resources from multiple remote servers in a network, enabling you to access them when you need them. It is cheaper than on-premise hosting and is much more scalable. It also lets you set up FTP accounts for remote file transfer and edit databases directly.

In addition to scalability, cloud hosting can also provide increased reliability and security. By pooling computing power, organizations can scale applications and services as needed and only pay for the resources they use. These resources can be used for databases, web portals, APIs, and more. The technology also supports security, network, and system resilience, allowing organizations to be more resilient against hardware failure.


cPanel is one of the most popular tools used by web hosting companies. It is very user-friendly and can help you manage your web hosting account in a number of ways. For example, cPanel allows you to install third-party solutions and monitor resource usage. It can also help you troubleshoot known issues. It also allows you to monitor and analyze traffic.

The main cPanel window contains links that allow you to manage your hosting account. You can view important server information, edit page settings, and more. In addition, cPanel allows you to change your password, manage your site’s statistics, and change your contact information. It also comes with an auto-installer that lets you install software without having to do anything manually.


Softaculous is a web hosting technology that makes it easy to install various types of software onto a website. It is available on both cPanel and WHM servers. This software includes pre-defined scripts that make the installation process a breeze. It also features a large selection of web applications that you can install at a single click.

Softaculous is available for free with shared hosting. It offers a number of features, including a one-click installation of WordPress and more than 450 scripts. Additionally, this technology comes with a backup feature, which creates a backup of your site after every installation. This feature is especially useful if you’re trying to install many applications on your site at once.

24/7 support

Best reseller hosting offers their customers 24/7 support for their web hosting technology needs. Typically, this involves setting up websites using an online site builder or managing server resources. Some companies also offer self-training options, where customers can learn more about the web hosting technology by themselves. Aside from these self-training options, web hosts also offer phone support for their customers.

While phone support isn’t ideal for many businesses, it makes sense in emergency or crisis situations. The human element of a call center is important, and a live agent can assist you with your web hosting technology questions. However, many web hosts have eliminated this option due to the expense. A premium hosting service may be the only option that offers phone support.

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